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Gemstone Art: Cotton Candy (Framed)
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Gem Cotton Candy Framed Art Cotton Candy is 12×14
Award winning artist Uli Kuess was born and raised in Austria and moved to America in 1979 to pursue her love of art. She brought with her vast years of experience and knowledge acquired at the University of Vienna and in numerous seminars and classes on a variety of artistic subjects and techniques. Uli has also traveled extensively throughout the artistic capitals of Europe and the Middle East. This has provided her with an extensive background in classical art, art history, architecture and restoration. As a result, she has developed a lifelong passion to create beauty in anything she works on.
Uli is a master of the decorative and architectural arts, including Old World finishes, murals, frescos, trompe l’oeil renderings, mosaics, plasters, bas-relief, sculpture, parquetry and is an expert in art and antique restoration.
She is also well known for her fine portraits, Master copies and other types of fine art commissions and provides design services for a variety of projects.
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