In my opinion—if you’ve seen one action packed movie…you’ve seen them all. My husband has agreed to disagree with me for they are his favorite. “Oh, gee, wonder how many things will be blown up in this movie?” For which he replies, “Better than watching a movie with a bunch of kissing.” Oh, really! He talks like a Husband 101 dropout.
Watching soldiers scatter on the screen makes it difficult for me to separate the good from the bad guy. My face stares at the screen with total confusion but hubby knows exactly who everybody is, what maneuvers they use, and can even predict their next move.
This could explain why I’ve never been attracted to the study of the Old Testament. After the story of the Garden of Eden story it’s all downhill from there. Eve sins, Adam sins, then their sweet little children fight until one is dead. Who wants to read about bloodshed everyday in their Bible reading? Where’s the love story? Battle after battle as God’s chosen are faithful to obey one minute then run after idols the next. I mean really…where’s the love?
No doubt something big had to take place to stop the madness. And, it did when you start to read the New Testament when God became a tiny baby. Physical battles of human and animal bloodshed were not enough to bring a permanent end for individual freedom. God loved humanity so much that He gave His beloved Son to shield us from a gruesome and violent eternity.
Yes, one day the transformation process will end. Boot camp for eternity will be complete for there will be a day when He either whispers our name to come home or we’ll see Him appear in the clouds. One day the violence will end, pain will cease, and tears will not be necessary.
For those who declare they have tasted a taste of Heaven with near death experiences share it was the great love they felt the moment they sensed the presence of God and Heaven’s  residents. Love so overwhelming; human words are not appropriate. Now that’s a love story with a happy ending.
‘He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’ or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.” Revelation 21:4
Thank Him that one day the madness will end and there will be eternal peace.
PS…Today is the National Day of Prayer and Happy Mother’s Day this weekend!