Written by Angela Aja, blog contributor for Leaping Butterfly Ministry

My life went from luxury to loneliness, seemingly overnight.

Just like the caterpillar, inching its way through life until it disappears into the cocoon for metamorphosis to begin, my tragedy thrust me into the place of my transformation and everything around me began to change.

Little did I know that by saying yes to transformation, I was saying yes to my life spinning out of control just as the caterpillar spins a cocoon for metamorphosis to take place.

But God knew that I could handle it. God knew that whirlwind that was about to take place in my life would spin a safe haven for change that would provide me with a sanctuary of rest to bring about the necessary metamorphosis for my next season.

As a butterfly goes through a complete metamorphosis, I too, have gone through a process of transformation. I went from an insecure young woman with a low self-esteem, looking for significance and fulfillment from outside of myself into a confident woman of God who has a story of tragedy that turned into triumph. God is using my story for His glory.

God’s will is for you to soar on the wings that He has gifted you with. But in order to go to fly like a butterfly, you have to think like a butterfly.

Romans 12:2 says, “Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

Be transformed as you put away caterpillar thinking and begin to think butterfly thoughts.


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