From Emily Markowski …

I was on my way to the TSSUS conference, just loading into a connecting flight to Denver.

On the walkway to the plane, I overheard a cheerful voice talking about an her trip to the Amazon with a fellow passenger.

I looked behind me and saw this women who was short in stature and who was carrying a smaller guitar.

I was intrigued by her guitar and asked her what size it was.

She responded with a big smile “its 3/4 size just like me”.

She ended up sitting in front of me on the plane.

By the end of the flight, I had noticed that she had enough TS features to ask if she did have Turner Syndrome.

She responded with “Yes, my name is Robyn and I have TS”.

I asked her if she was planning to go to the TS conference in Denver.

Unfortunately, she answered “No”, indicating that she didn’t have the money to attend.

She added that she was only ten minutes away.

I told her about Leaping Butterfly Ministry and handed her my business card.

I thought I would never hear from her again … but, she stopped by the hotel later that night and asked her friend to find me the following morning.

Through her friend, I was able to get her contact information.

Leaping Butterfly was able to cover her entry cost to the conference.

She was completely grateful and was amazed about how much she learned in the seminars.

It was an honor to meet her and help her out.

It was truly a divine connection in the sky.

Emily and Robyn Boaz