The following is written by a mother who lost her daughter with complications from Turner syndrome. Cathy was the first to reach out to me, Debbie Browne, when I lost my daughter 5 years later. I’ll never forget our sweet tearful lunch, how Cathy met my aching heart where it was, then ministered to me in ways that only she could. It changed my life forever and gave me hope and insight on ways to minister for the future. Thank you, Cathy, for your gift of time and understanding. Now join me in remembering her precious daughter, Adrienne.

Adrienne’s short but full life of only 23 years was a difficult journey from day one. Yet she always managed to master such a positive outlook on life. She was an overcomer who accomplished any challenge thrown at her, especially her medical issues for which she struggled with since she was 5 weeks old.
It was her being “different” that was the hardest for her to accept. At 5 we were told that she had ADHD, but I knew it was something a little more. Adrienne had above normal intelligence however she just didn’t have appropriate behavior at all times leaving her with little to no friends. It was so sad from a mother’s perspective.
She continued in her own way to make the most out of her life by being cheery, positive, and working towards that “normal” life that she desperately sought. Being her mother it was always heart wrenching to see her try so hard and have to deal with the disappointments. Adrienne’s determination allowed her to pull herself back up and move on. I don’t think many of us, including myself, would have ever had her strength to deal with life’s cruelties as graciously as she did.
On April 2nd, 2003 is when everything changed as I discovered her in the middle of the night with a dissected aorta. I called EMS at 2:30am and they worked hard to save her until 3:30 but I knew she was gone. The doctor ordered an autopsy to confirm her condition because at the age of 23 there was no obvious reason she would be in such a critical state. They asked if she had fallen on anything for which I answered no. The report came back as a dissected aorta. Later I discovered that this can happen to those with Turner syndrome with a low survival rate.
I will always have Adrienne in my heart, thoughts, memories and prayers. I love and miss her very much and now have an understanding of what people mean by “a broken heart”.
Thank you Adrienne for 23 years of unconditional love and bringing me closer to God after your death. You will be my best friend always.
You Mother,
Houston, TX

Beautiful Adrienne.