You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world”. I John 4:4

2013 was a rough year for me however; it was the most blessed year, too. I started last year with a new job, but within a month I lost that job. I lived with no income for nearly 4 months without having the ability to collect unemployment. It was a tough blow. However, I started a new job in the spring as a Pharmacy Technician. What a blessing!

Also, I was able to go to my first Turner Syndrome Society Conference in Dallas, TX through the support of Leaping Butterfly Ministry and my blessed sweet friend, “Mama Bee”, Debbie Browne, who sponsored me. I made treasured friendships from all over the country.

God had something bigger in mind for me at the conference though. I discovered I had a couple of congenital heart issues with an echocardiogram. It had gone undetected for 30 years. It was like a bomb was dropped in my lap as I am not one for roller coaster rides. I would not have known about the conditions with my heart had I not gone to the conference.

When I found out my new TS friends immediately gathered around me in the hotel lobby. They loved me while I was processing the information. That was the love of God in action. I was not alone as God put His arms around me through these sweet women. This report gave me the urgency to get the proper care. Today my doctor says I am healthy and was caught at a great time where I can be monitored. I cried because many don’t get the catch this early because when it comes to heart symptoms you usually aren’t aware until it’s too late; often there is already a dissection. Even though it was news I was not expecting I can now do something about it.

During last year people showed me love, support, encouragement, and provided help where they could. At the time of unemployment my family, especially my mom, friends, church, and community resources, God provided for my needs. What the enemy meant to harm me was used for good. How? When I had no income I realized I still had food, a roof over my head, transportation, my gadgets…phone, computer.

God was so close to me this past year as I found myself in a place where I had to rely on His strength and not Andrea’s. It was the hardest yet sweetest of times in my journey and relationship with Christ. He works out all the details of our lives and it never fails to amaze me. Look for it. He will be with you during your most challenging times.

Remember Peter and the storm?  If we focus on Jesus we walk towards Him to rise above the storm. Peter’s feet were steady on the water until he lost eye contact with Jesus and began to sink. Keep our focus on God. It’s the only way I know how to navigate the ups and downs that life brings. With Him we can overcome!

Kansas City, MO

The night I received the news at the conference about my echocardiogram results. My new TS friends were right there to cry with me and love me through this news.

I am an Overcomer…how about you?