“What good is for a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul?”
Mark 8:36

I recently attended a seminar by Tony Morgan, author of Killing Cockroaches, on how to develop a ministry team. He gave the illustration of an automobile dealership management team sitting around a conference room table on a Monday morning analyzing their slow weekend of sales. Taking turns they began to share ideas for immediate change.

The first manager stood waving a piece of paper in his hand saying, “I suggest we look at our profit margins to see if a sticker price reduction will create an interest in fast sales.” He quickly met heads moving from side-to-side.

The second manager eagerly suggested a better snack bar to keep potential customers and their children happy. This would create a family environment so mom and dad could take their time. He received rolled eyes to confirm he was out of his mind.

The third manager recommended they attend seminars to develop good listening skills. Better customer service would not only create a new customer but also retain one. It will keep them coming back for more…not to mention ‘word of mouth’ referrals. He was soon greeted with the top of their heads as they looked down in despair.

The fourth manager jumped to his feet and screamed, “I got it! Let’s get a big inflatable blue monkey, strap him on the roof of our show room, and folks driving by will stop!” “Brilliant!” they all shouted and thus the blue monkey idea was born.

“What is keeping you from taking the risk towards everlasting change? Will tying the monkey to your heart cause you to lose your soul?”