“Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, and endures all things.”

1  Corinthians 13:7

Our story begins with our first ultrasound we had with our daughter, Alba. We were excited, scared, everything an expectant parent would be. With just 15 minutes into the ultrasound, we heard the words “Cystic Hygroma” for the first time in our lives. We were devastated. Our baby was sick. We knew at that point our baby either had Noonan syndrome or Turner syndrome. A few months later we had a Amnio and that’s the day we found out our Alba was a little girl…with Turner syndrome.

As the pregnancy progressed, other issues began to show up. Five days before Alba was born we found out she had Hypoplasitic, also known as Left Heart syndrome. We heard another suggestion for the first time…”Heart Transplant”.

On September 22nd, 2010 our little miracle was born. Alba was very puffy, but so full of life. Doctors immediately placed her on life support and within 9 days old she was flown to St. Louis Children’s Hospital for transplant evaluation. After many issues in St. Louis, the doctor decided to list her for a new heart.

On November 27th, 2010 Alba got her new perfect heart after she had coded twice, endured 30 surgeries, and beat everything that has ever been thrown at her. She is now an active 3 year old and even though she shows a lot of the characteristics that go along with Turner syndrome, Turner syndrome will never define her.

God has shown us that nothing can hold anyone back if you love and believe. We never lost hope that we would have our little Alba home someday because all things are possible through God.

Jason Carter, Alba’s Daddy

Together we change lives and create awareness for Turner Syndrome, CHD, and Organ Donation.

To learn more about The Alba Carter Foundation, please click: http://www.acarterfoundation.org/
Little Alba and their foundation blankets.