Thank you Heather Bienz for supporting Leaping Butterfly Ministry!

Please read Heather’s testimony and mission to support other families impacted by Turner Syndrome.

From Heather …

In May 2015, I lost my 2nd daughter, Reagan, to Turner Syndrome and delivered her still-born during my 25th week of pregnancy. Ten short months later, I lost my 3rd daughter, Hannah, to Turner Syndrome as well.

Turner Syndrome is a chromosomal disorder that occurs when all or part of one of the female X chromosomes is lost before or soon after the time of conception. It is not connected to or passed on from either parent and there is nothing a person can do to increase or decrease the chance of this happening.

I was looking for a way to process my grief, share my testimony with others and also help support other families impacted by Turner Syndrome.

I started a faith-based apparel company called Reagan Twenty Five where 25% of profits are donated to Leaping Butterfly Ministry to help sponsor women with TS to attend an annual conference and to also help purchase hearing aids for those who may have lost their hearing due to TS.

All shirts are designed by me and are inspired by my journey after losing my two daughters, Reagan and Hannah.

The goals of Reagan Twenty Five have and will always be to glorify God, to help spread His message to others through positive and uplifting messages worn on our clothing to help facilitate loving conversations about our Savior or to plant seeds in the hearts of others for God to grow, to create a community for women and mother’s to know you are loved and not alone in whatever hardships you may be facing and to give back to other families impacted by Turner Syndrome – the chromosomal disorder that took the lives of my daughters, Reagan and Hannah.

By connecting with other faith-based women who share their stories with me through this ministry, it not only helps to heal my heart, but also reminds me that God provides beauty no matter how deep the pain. We are not alone in our sufferings.

I remember wishing so badly that this wasn’t my life. I hated this new direction God was pushing me and I wanted things to go back to how they used to be. I knew this path, as much as I didn’t want it, would shape me into a different person. The more I looked back and focused on the past, the more depressed and bitter I became. It affected my friendships, my relationships with my family and my marriage. It wasn’t fair. I wanted my girls back. I wanted the “old me” back.

It wasn’t until I decided to stop looking back and to start focusing on the future that I truly and fully started to trust God and His plan for me. It was then that my life started to fall back into place – and as crazy as it sounds, in ways it’s even better than before. I’ve noticed my relationship with God is stronger now than it’s ever been, my respect, understanding and love for my husband is at a level I never knew was possible and the maturity and confidence I now have in knowing who I am and what’s important in my life has given me so much peace and comfort.

In January this year, we welcome our 4th baby girl, Rayna, into the world and she’s as healthy as can be. She’s a constant reminder to us that God is ALWAYS good – in the good times and the bad.