“What is it, again, that we do?” I repeated to my husband when we first started working together. He patiently answered, “We deliver body parts.” Body parts? (Try explaining that to your closet friends.) Then, he would smile and remind me, “That’s automotive body parts. We are a logistics company for dealerships. They outsource their deliveries to us.” I’d slowly shake my head in my blonde kind of way.
It was a process for me to understand the industry of transportation but one day I slapped my desk and shouted, “Oh, I get it! We pick up and drop off. Companies sell their goods and we deliver them.” As simple as this may sound—it took awhile to understand the total operation from start to finish.
Over the years of working beside my husband I have had many opportunities to ease drop on this fascinating industry. We are all turning into a global society that wants our items delivered…fast! Other methods can take too much of our precious time. Threshold services have enabled the world to receive items we were not able to receive at one time. As I have now experienced the Lord opening doors of opportunity for much more than automotive parts.
A couple of decades ago few were familiar with the buzzword outsourcing. At first, companies were skeptical to trust a portion of their business to another. However, with time, it has proven to bring about benefits such as: saving cost, focusing on their core business, improve quality, reduce time-consuming methods, and getting rid of the delivery headaches. It has been a win-win for all.
God is calling us to outsource to Him too. He yearns for us to do what we were originally created and designed to do while He does what He does best…take care of our headaches. He truly wants our core assignment to be Jesus to others by learning to live with the qualities of, loving others, being at peace, and living in abundant joy. Why is that we want to hang on to worry, fear, anxiety, and stress? Not sure, because we don’t have to. God says to outsource our worries to Him so He can bring about victories from even the worse of circumstances. Trust He will deliver you in perfect time.
“The righteous cry out, and the LORD hears them; he delivers them from all their troubles.” Psalm 34:17
Would you trust the Most High Deliverer? It’s His specialty.