“Altogether Adam lived to be 930 years, and then he died.”
Genesis 5:5

When was the last time you had to really think about how old you were? Many times I’ve shared my age only to walk away embarrassed when I realized I was off by a year or two.

At the speed I’m going these days—I barely have time to look for a parking space. So, I’ve learned to park myself in front of my computer to surf the internet for everything from refills on prescriptions to fans for the patio. My Enter button becomes my Abracadabra button and “Poof!” it appears on my doorstep within days!

The internet is such a pleasant way to travel through life until I’m forced to enter my birth year in the profile dropdown box. The month and day is not a problem but when asked for the year—it becomes a problem. The other day I scrolled, scrolled, and scrolled some more as my eyes grew larger with the possibility of running out of selections.

Can you imagine how long it would have taken Adam to scroll? Genesis Chapter 5 gives an account of men ranging in age of 595 to 930 years old but with each character listed came a disturbing and abrupt ending phrase “…and then…he died.”

With all our new ways of prevention and living well I still see an absolute; 10 out of 10 people will one day die. However, the Bible says our spirits will live forever. God leaves the choice to us though as to where; Heaven or Hell.

“When the time comes for your ‘and then…’ moment will your family have to hope where you are or will they know without a doubt?”