Not startled by the sound of the 5:00am alarm on a Monday morning proved that retiring for bed early the night before paid off. My husband and I leaped out of bed to get a head start on our coffee drinking. He had packed the night before so as not to be pushed for his early morning flight to Los Angles.  
“Where are you going?” he asked as I sprinted out the bedroom door. “Thought I’d grab my laptop and check on my task list to see what I have going on today. I’ll be right back. Be thinking of what you’d like for breakfast.” Today we would, both, accomplish much.
My memory served me right as there sat old faithful on the kitchen desk in the brightness of a streetlight. No reason to turn on a light for this was going to be a quick and deliberate trip. But then…the dance began as my foot stepped down on the lid of my grandson’s sandbox in the foyer, which was not his fault. (Further explanations will be another blog one day.) I began to twist in the air like a goofy ballerina on the lid of a Little Tikes turtle shell made of plastic. I landed on the tile floor with great force and…you guessed it…I shouted.
I knew immediately this was another bad fall. Five falls within four years is not an impressive record. I lay on the cold tile, in the dark, unable to move. The pain shot up my neck and down to my fingertips as I listened to the sounds of my husband starting the process of getting ready in the back bathroom.
“I think you need to take me to the emergency room,” I greeted him with my return. “What?!” In a split second our day had changed. My X-Ray proved a fractured shoulder in several broken pieces. My split second decision to save my laptop left the bone in my right arm in pieces. Did I really think my laptop was more precious to save than my own personal injury? Hindsight tells me I should have let go of the computer and hung on to the counter top.
What would you have done? I can clearly hear your reply, “I would have turned the light on!”
“He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” Psalm 147:3
I’m praising God today for not only putting the pieces of my heart back together but His ability to do the same for my shoulder. He can heal anything! Do you believe that too?